One major goal of DCDC is to discover and validate biomarkers for disease detection, risk assessment, prognosis and prediction of therapeutic responses. Useful biomarkers are measures that can be obtained non-invasively, provide reliable quantitative information, not otherwise available from a routine and careful clinical assessment, and can aid in clinical care of patients. Possible biomarkers might be obtained from biochemical analyses of body fluids or non-invasive imaging modalities. Center investigators will be involved not only in the development and proof of principle testing of new biomarkers, but also in the applications of these biomarkers to larger populations of diabetes to test their utility in management of diabetic cardiovascular disease.

A second major goal of DCDC is to conduct innovative translational studies aimed at understanding the interplay between derangements in metabolism and the pathogenesis of myocardial and vascular disease in diabetic patients. Previous approaches to understanding this complex disease have been hampered by single disciplinary approaches that have not addressed the interplay between metabolic derangements and cardiovascular pathobiology. We will confront this problem by bringing together experts from multiple scientific and medical disciplines to understand the ways in which altered glucose and lipid metabolism contribute to aggressive and unique forms of myocardial and vascular disease.